Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Kenny and I were married this past weekend, on 9/18/2010. It was gorgeous. Here are a few photos from guests (haven't seen the pro photos yet!):

Hair! I loved the way it turned out but it began falling apart almost immediately. It was a problem all night long, so that was unfortunate, however I just rolled with it and had about 50 bobby pins holding it together by the time the night was over!

Walking down the aisle with my dad. I held it together all through the ceremony but later on when my dad was making his speech, I absolutely lost it.

Kiss 1 :D

Kiss 2 :D :D :D

We are really looking forward to the honeymoon, which we leave for this coming Saturday. I am working a short week and so is Kenny, and we both have Friday off to pack!

Thank you to all of our friends and family members who came and celebrated with us. Some of my family came all the way from England, and Kenny's family came from all over NY and as far away as Maryland. We had an absolute blast.

If people actually read this blog, I will keep it up with stories of our adventures as a married couple.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

hair inspiration

How beautiful is that?! I love it. I think it will go with my soft, romantic but somewhat structured dress well. My hair should do well in that kind of an arrangement, too.

So this is my hair inspiration :D

Monday, August 2, 2010

47 days to go

The Knot kindly informed me that we have just 47 days to go. I have gotten a lot done recently and of course have neglected to write about any of it here!

Most importantly, the invitations went out about three weeks ago and we have already received quite a few back. I am updating our Excel spreadsheet every time more RSVP's arrive. I am also keeping track of what everyones' meal preferences are. Though dinner will be family style (platters of food on the table), the caterer still needs to have an idea of how many people want the chicken vs. beef. We also have a vegetarian option, and a few guests need gluten-free meals, which our caterer is happy to accommodate (they are so awesome :D).

The bridesmaids dresses came in this past week and I got to see them for the first time this past weekend. They are so lovely. Jenny, my maid of honour, got a dress that is a bit different from the other four and the five dresses together look amazing. I am so excited, the wedding party is going to look incredible!

This past weekend, my maid of honour Jenny and one of my bridesmaids Samera threw me the best Bridal Shower a girl could ask for. They went all out! It was held at Jenny's home and they set up a nice big tent and had tables with linens and chairs. I appreciated their hard work so much. They really outdid themselves. All of Kenny's sisters came, along with his mom. My mum came, as did my brothers lovely girlfriend :D Many of my college friends also came, and a good family friend from MA. I was really so flattered by how far everyone traveled and also their generosity. I got some great gifts, including some of the chinaware we had registered for, some lovely new towels, a really cool frog prince sculpture from Kenny's cousin who traveled all the way from Denmark, and an ice cream maker!!!!!! My mum also got me some very fun and flirty Victoria's Secret items ;)

Kenny and I have an engagement session with our photographer on Wednesday that I am really excited about. He'll make a guest book using the photos that he takes to lay out at the wedding for guests to sign.

Other than that, I'm just thinking about wedding songs. We also have to meet with the officiant and figure out the ceremony details, in addition to having a final catering meeting (yumm!).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

pillows, baskets, and garters!

I consider this the "fun" shopping.

My flower girl basket (it will be in lapis, not black, to match the groomsmen):

My ring bearer pillow (it will also be in lapis):

Both are made by AllForYou on Etsy.

And finally, my garter set:

This is made by Belles and Crystals, also on Etsy.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Wedding invitations: check!

I have had my invitations designed but on hold while we sorted out the closing on our home. FINALLY, after sixty days of utter nonsense, we closed on our house this week so I ordered the invitations tonight! The hold up was because I didn't want to have the return address printed on the envelopes and then have the house fall through.

Anyway, here are the invites that I chose!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Just under three months to go

Long time, no blog. Kenny and I are buying our first house, which has turned into a three month long process. Remind me never to buy a house again, please.

With all the house drama, not too much has been happening with wedding plans, but I realized on Friday that we were three months away and really we don't have any time to dilly-dally.

Flowers have been on my to-do list for a long time but part of me couldn't even get excited about them. They're expensive and they die within a week, but eventually I came to terms with the fact that I needed to sort it out sooner than later. I made an appointment with a florist at Whole Foods, which is a high-end grocery store chain that specializes in organic food. Their flowers are beautiful and being a grocery store, the prices are more reasonable than an independent florist.

I sat down with the florist yesterday and we talked for a good hour about everything. Here's my bouquet inspiration:

The bridesmaids will have similar bouquets but not as flashy. The groomsmen will have lavender rose boutonnieres, and Kenny will have a white rose boutonniere. Parents and grandparents will have white rose corsages/boutonnieres. I think everything will come together really nicely!

She's also pricing out some very simple centrepieces for me, based off of these photos:

I like the flowers submerged in water with the floating candle and river rocks, and then I like the mirror on the table with the tiny candles around the edge, so I will combine the two ideas. Having the mirror on the table essentially doubles the amount of light that the candles throw off, and I think the effect will be magical when the sun goes down at our reception.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finally! A ceremony venue resolution.

Ok, so I'll admit I had a quick thought of "why didn't we just elope?" when I learned that our original ceremony venue wasn't going to work. I feel like my mum spent all of last week on the phone talking to people about possible other locations to get married and blocking out hotel rooms. Today, Jenny, Samera and I went down to Mystic to scout out some hotels and also to look at the Inn at Lower Farm, a quaint B&B that does weddings, too.

Mary at Lower Farm was so gracious to allow us to stop by and see the property, and also peek in on one of the guest rooms. The grounds are gorgeous and the house is so amazing inside (especially the kitchen! All three of us were drooling over the kitchen and adjoining full-size hearth in the dining room!). I could imagine myself walking across the field where the ceremony would be held to meet Kenny. I instantly felt better!

So the ceremony will be there, and I can't wait to see what the Farm looks like when all the flowers are in bloom.

We also looked at a few hotels, and have finalized which hotels to block out for our guests. If you're a guest, check out the Wedding Information page for more on which hotels we've blocked rooms at, including rates and distances to the ceremony/reception venues.

In addition to the ceremony venue and hotels, we also checked out a florist! It was a busy day! I have to set an appointment and go back and hammer out all the details with the owner of Mystic Florist because it is apparently a two hour ordeal and we didn't have time for that today! I am excited to decide which flowers we'll use in the bouquets.

Other than that, Kenny and the boys went to the tux place this past week and sorted out their tux arrangements. They are going to look so handsome. I had to work but thankfully Jenny and Samera went with them to keep them on track and make sure they didn't come out wearing hot pink vests and wing-tipped shoes. I'm assured that they haven't arranged anything too frightening for their wedding finery.