Monday, October 5, 2009

Proper Introductions

I never really considered that there might be some people whom we don't personally know reading this blog, and now that I know there are, I thought I'd introduce us a bit more thoroughly.

About Kenny:

Kenny in Newport this past summer.

Kenny is originally from Long Island. He is extremely athletic and grew up playing soccer and wrestling competitively. He has three sisters. He came to Rhode Island to attend the University of RI in Fall 2005, and graduated in Spring of 2009 with a BS in Kinesiology. He is considering Grad School but in the mean time is buffing his resume with his work as a Cardiac level EMT and also as a Cardiac Rehab Specialist at our local hospital.

Other than working, he spends his time surfing, practicing at the shooting range (he's an excellent marksman), spearfishing, and hanging out with his friends. He loves football and is slowly turning me into a Jets fan (we went to a sports bar last night all dressed up in our Jets stuff and got some really nasty looks. New England fans don't easily forget a good whopping like the one they got from the Jets a few weeks ago). He will sometimes ride the horses with me but lately he has been so busy that we haven't gone riding together in ages.

About Kate:
Me (left) with my Maid of Honour, Jenny

I moved around a lot as a kid so I'm not sure where I'm "originally" from, but I was born in Hong Kong, grew up for the most part in the Cotswolds region of England, lived for three years in the beautiful Annapolis area in Maryland, and then moved to Massachusetts. I have one younger brother. I started riding horses when I was three years old in the UK and much to my parents' disappointment it turned out not to be a passing phase. I am still horse crazy and showed Hunter/Jumpers competitively all throughout grade school. I was also always infatuated with art, so it was only natural that I go to college for art and design.

I came to Rhode Island for school in 2004 and graduated in 2008 with a BA in Fine Art and concentrations in Photography and Digital Design. While in school, I rode for a semester on the Equestrian Team and also volunteered all four years on the campus ambulance, reaching Lieutenant status the beginning of my senior year.

I now work for URI on a Federal grant where we are developing a curriculum of courses for University and EMA officials from around the country to take to help them create disaster plans for their individual institutions. Many Universities and Colleges don't have disaster plans and if they do, they are often not very comprehensive.

I also have a small design and photography business, Polar Square Designs. I photograph weddings throughout the summer through a company I work for that is based out of Boston, MA.

About Us:

Us during one of our crazier moments, right before jumping out of an airplane at the Newport Skydiving Center this summer.

Kenny and I met at EMS when he was a freshman and I was a sophomore. Neither of us expected to fall in love but we turned out to be perfect for each other! He proposed after three years together in Narragansett, RI on a beautiful rocky outcropping with the waves crashing around us. It was so perfect and romantic.

The night he proposed to me, we came back to the house to find that all of our friends were waiting there to congratulate us!

We did not actually start planning the wedding until he had graduated but at this point we are well on our way in the planning process!