Tuesday, August 24, 2010

hair inspiration

How beautiful is that?! I love it. I think it will go with my soft, romantic but somewhat structured dress well. My hair should do well in that kind of an arrangement, too.

So this is my hair inspiration :D

Monday, August 2, 2010

47 days to go

The Knot kindly informed me that we have just 47 days to go. I have gotten a lot done recently and of course have neglected to write about any of it here!

Most importantly, the invitations went out about three weeks ago and we have already received quite a few back. I am updating our Excel spreadsheet every time more RSVP's arrive. I am also keeping track of what everyones' meal preferences are. Though dinner will be family style (platters of food on the table), the caterer still needs to have an idea of how many people want the chicken vs. beef. We also have a vegetarian option, and a few guests need gluten-free meals, which our caterer is happy to accommodate (they are so awesome :D).

The bridesmaids dresses came in this past week and I got to see them for the first time this past weekend. They are so lovely. Jenny, my maid of honour, got a dress that is a bit different from the other four and the five dresses together look amazing. I am so excited, the wedding party is going to look incredible!

This past weekend, my maid of honour Jenny and one of my bridesmaids Samera threw me the best Bridal Shower a girl could ask for. They went all out! It was held at Jenny's home and they set up a nice big tent and had tables with linens and chairs. I appreciated their hard work so much. They really outdid themselves. All of Kenny's sisters came, along with his mom. My mum came, as did my brothers lovely girlfriend :D Many of my college friends also came, and a good family friend from MA. I was really so flattered by how far everyone traveled and also their generosity. I got some great gifts, including some of the chinaware we had registered for, some lovely new towels, a really cool frog prince sculpture from Kenny's cousin who traveled all the way from Denmark, and an ice cream maker!!!!!! My mum also got me some very fun and flirty Victoria's Secret items ;)

Kenny and I have an engagement session with our photographer on Wednesday that I am really excited about. He'll make a guest book using the photos that he takes to lay out at the wedding for guests to sign.

Other than that, I'm just thinking about wedding songs. We also have to meet with the officiant and figure out the ceremony details, in addition to having a final catering meeting (yumm!).