Sunday, August 30, 2009

more venue searches!

It's been a while since I have updated this but that's because it's been a while since we have accomplished anything wedding-related. This summer was very busy between both of us working and then we moved on August 1 to our very own adorable apartment. Now that we are nearing September, we realized it's time to get cracking on this stuff because realistically we are nearing the one year countdown. This means we are no longer ahead of the game!!

Today we went to see another venue, this time in Mystic CT. Mystic is a charming sea-side town just over the Rhode Island border. It's famous for being the location of the real life Mystic Pizza from the movie by the same name (in fact, we drove past that pizza place today!).

The venue in question was the Mystic River Yachting Center and I have got to say, it was one of the best for the price that we have seen so far. I really liked the layout of the place, and it is right on the water at the Mystic Shipyard.

-on the water
-very well-priced ($2500 to rent the entire space for the entire day)
-price includes tables and chairs, and there is no extra charge for the ceremony to be there
-beautiful views
-lots of space
-I really liked the event manager who showed us around, and so did Kenny

-no bridal or grooms suites to get ready
-would have to hire outside caterer
-not really a great set-up for the ceremony, so we'd most likely have to get married off-site then come to the MYC for the reception
-second floor is not handicapped accessible

I snapped a few photos:

The building from the outside

The entrance hallway. I love the staircase!

They had a wedding the night before so it hadn't quite been fully cleaned up from that, but I used my imagination!

The outdoor deck/porch area. It was very overcast today.

The event manager gave us a packet full of info about other vendors in the area, mostly to help us choose a caterer. We looked through it and found a brochure about getting married at the Mystic Aquarium. I was like, WHAT!? coolest idea EVER! so now I want to go talk to the Aquarium people about weddings there. It's the same price to rent the aquarium as it is to rent the Yachting Center, AND you can get married right in front of the Beluga tank! How incredible would that be??

(from their website)

So that is where we stand at the moment! In typical Kate fashion I created more pieces of the puzzle instead of solving it with the pieces we already had but I am really excited about finding out more about the Aquarium, and if that doesn't work out, I really liked the Yachting Center and I can definitely see us getting married there.

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