Monday, February 22, 2010

Goals for this week

Visiting Kenny's family in NY this past weekend was good because his family delivered a much needed kick in the butt to get going on this wedding planning. It's funny that we had a rush of bookings (caterer, photographer, venues, etc) in the fall and then we have done nothing recently. His family was mostly concerned about the save-the-dates, which I wasn't even keen on doing until I realized how many people want them. My mum has graciously volunteered to be in charge of the save-the-dates project and I just recently gave her the finalized guest list, so I am hoping they'll be sent out soon. Kenny really wants to do magnets that people can put on their fridge.

During the 4-hour drive home from NY last night, we set goals for ourselves. September seems like a long way away but it's really not, and it will be here before we know it. We decided we really need to book the rest of the vendors (like, yesterday) and Kenny also needs to ask whom he wants to be his groomsmen and start looking at tuxes. We also need to block hotel rooms, since that information will be included on the save-the-dates so that guests can book their rooms and plan their trips.

This morning I got right to work and booked the DJ. Neil Roma from Spin Enterprise came very highly recommended, and has worked at our venue many times before. The thing I liked most about our reception venue (the Mystic Yachting Center) is that they are very selective with the vendors they work with, and make recommendations only for people/companies that deliver a great product for a great price. At least now I know our guests won't be sitting in silence and staring at each other for the entire reception :) and instead will be entertained with a good selection of music.

Kenny's task for this week is getting the hotel rooms blocked, and arranging transportation for our guests from the hotel to the reception site, since there is limited parking at the Mystic Yachting Center, and we'd feel better if people weren't driving after a long night of partying, anyway. I had called various hotels back in September and didn't end up booking any of them for a number of reasons that I have briefed Kenny on so that he can deal with them. I am confident that he'll be able to get the rates we're looking for and breakfast for our guests.

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