Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bon Voyage, Save-the-Dates!

I sent off the save-the-dates today and boy did that feel good. They were delayed going out while my mum sorted out all of the hotel arrangements. Most of our 140+ guests will need to stay overnight because they will be traveling a long way (some coming from out of the country, even!) so blocking out hotel rooms was important to do. I had started the process a few months ago but got frustrated that no hotel seemed to fit exactly what we needed. Some wanted a deposit on all the rooms, some were too expensive, some just plain wouldn't block rooms, etc. When my mum went to finally book rooms, unfortunately a lot of the availability was limited. She persevered, though, and managed to book almost 70 rooms in a few different hotels in the area, so I'm glad that's all sorted out!

I included info about hotel bookings in with the save-the-dates so that our guests know which hotels to call.

We have also made some progress on the ceremony venue fiasco. I am going down to Mystic on Saturday with two of my bridesmaids to look at a beautiful farmhouse venue that is situated on exquisite grounds with flower gardens. The owners have been very gracious so far on the phone and I am looking forward to meeting them this weekend. If I decide to change the ceremony venue to the Farm location, I will just let the Lighthouse know and we will be all set.

Also this week I have been talking with officiants in the area, but nothing has been set yet.

So it's been a busy week! In addition to all this wedding planning, Kenny and I have been looking at houses to buy and made an offer on one yesterday, so now we just get to play the waiting game and go back and forth with counter-offers. I am not too excited about that process but once we are all moved in to our very first home, it will be worth it.

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