Monday, April 5, 2010

Ceremony Venue Headaches

Personally I've never heard of a ceremony venue that doesn't allow chairs or flowers, but that is what our ceremony venue is telling us is the case. Does it say this in the contract or did anyone ever say "hey, you know your guests will have to sit on the grass or stand the whole time, right"? No, but I am just glad I'm not finding out about this on September 18th. Good thing my mum even called to ask for a recommendation for a chair rental company, because otherwise a major meltdown I mentioned above would have been imminent on my wedding day, and seriously, who wants to cry over chairs or the lack thereof?

So now we're on the hunt again and thinking about changing the ceremony venue. We're looking at a couple different places, and this weekend two of my Bridesmaids and I are going down to Mystic to scope a few possibilities out. We'll also be looking at hair salons and florists.

My life has gotten exponentially more insane because Kenny and I have been house-hunting and this week we'll most likely put an offer in on one that we've fallen in love with. Bring on the endless documents to sign our lives away to!

In other news, the entire town of Mystic apparently has no more hotel availability for blocking out rooms, but my mum has spent literally days on the phone calling around to every possible hotel in the area and has managed to book 50 rooms. Since 90% of our guests will need to stay overnight, this is a huge relief. I never thought hotels would be so packed this early for a date that's past Labour Day.

So if you're a bride-to-be planning a wedding, make sure that you can have chairs for your guests to sit on during your ceremony (I wish I were kidding) and block your hotel rooms asap.

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